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Brave And The Bold #72 Featuring Wild Flash/Spectre Cover On Auction
ComicConnect Sponsored Post Brave and the Bold is one of those old DC Comics series that doesn't get a ton of love outside of a few key issues here and there, but the series features some of the wildest covers of any series from the time period you will see This one, issue #72, features a[...]
Liam Sharp batman art
Even though he had to skip WonderCon because of illness, Liam Sharp is still reaching out to his fans through social media with some good advice.
Brave Wonder Woman
The Brave and the Bold starts up next month, and it mixes Wonder Woman's Amazonian mythology with the legends of Irish and Celtic gods It picks up where his run with Greg Rucka left off. Well, what sounds like a pretty amazing series to some seems to be less so to others Sharp took to Facebook[...]