Brave And The Bold #72 Featuring Wild Flash/Spectre Cover On Auction

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Brave and the Bold is one of those old DC Comics series that doesn't get a ton of love outside of a few key issues here and there, but the series features some of the wildest covers of any series from the time period you will see. This one, issue #72, features a titanic fistfight between The Spectre and The Flash as a ghost under mind control. Man, comics are great, aren't they? This great Carmine Infantino cover should be a t-shirt if it isn't already. Up for auction at ComicConnect, this raw copy of the book is sitting at $17 as of this writing, super low for such a cool issue. Check out the copy of the Brave and the Bold down below.

Brave And The Bold #72 Featuring Wild Flash/Spectre Cover On Auction
Brave and the Bold #72. Credit ComicConnect

Brave and the Bold Would Make A Cool TV Show

"The Spectre must stop the ghost of a fallen World War I ace from taking revenge on his old squadron members, even though his opponent has turned the Flash into a ghostly being and bent him to his will." Brave and the Bold is full of stories like this, and I gotta say, this would make an awesome HBO Max anthology series, would it not? The Spectre teaming up with a different hero every week, with an insane premise? How do I get in contact with WB about this?

I love this cover; I always have. I own this Brave and the Bold issue, and you should too, so go here and bid on this very nice copy. While you are there, click around and check out the other raw and graded books taking bids right now, there is some really great stuff for every time of collector in this Kentucky Lot of books they are offering at the moment over there.

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