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Brent Peeples Replaces Ben Oliver on Donna Troy Comic The Infected: Deathbringer

Brent Peeples Replaces Ben Oliver on Donna Troy Comic, The Infected: Deathbringer

The Infected: Deathbringer, is the one-shot spinoff from Batman/Superman that featured Donna Troy as the latest DC character infected by The Batman Who Laughs, transformed into a Dark Multiverse version of themselves. The Infected: King Shazam was published today, to much praise. But it appears that although the comic written by Zoe Quinn was solicited […]

Rob Liefelds Huge X-Men Crossover Revealed Major X Starts in April

Rob Liefeld's Huge X-Men Crossover Revealed? Major X Starts in April

And the X-Men are his first targets. Brent Peebles will illustrate Major X #2, and after that, Marvel says Whilce Portacio will "join the creative team."Here's what Liefeld himself had to say about it: This has been a very long time coming I did two-and-a-half years on NEW MUTANTS and X-FORCE, and we had a great time,[...]