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The National Portrait Gallery Exhibits Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Jamie Hewlett, Steve Dillon, Brett Ewins, Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie And Posy Simmonds
At that point she wasn't the pop star, but the children's author and that is how I'd like to photograph her. Here are some of those acquired photographs, featuring Mark Millar… Grant Morrison… And the launch of Deadline Magazine with the late Brett Ewins, Jamie Hewlett and Steve Dillon. Steve also tells us, I'm designing logos for Vertigo and DC[...]
Brett Ewins, Co-Creator Of Deadline, And Legendary 2000 AD Artist Dies, Aged 59
Brett Ewins may be best remembered for his work on 2000AD, drawing strips such as Bad Company, Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper, working with creators such as Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy He also created the series Skreemer with Milligan and Steve Dillon. But with Dillon, he also created the music and comics magazine[...]
When Stephen Pound MP Visited Brett Ewins
Earlier this year, Brett Ewins, co-creator of Deadline and iconic 2000AD artist was hospitalised, then arrested and charged with committing grevious bodily harm against a policeman He is currently on remand in Wormwood Scrubs, in Hammersmith, London, awaiting trial. Steve Pound, MP for Ealing North writes about Brett Ewins' current situation Visual from Henry Flint. I visited[...]
Thinking About Brett Ewins
Old time associate of 2000AD artist and Deadline creator Brett Ewins, Tony V Wright, has written about his current situation after recent events; He was in the trauma unit just over three weeks He had lost two stone and could, then, just about stand unaided but he was out of any serious danger so the medical[...]
Brett Ewins On Remand, Charged With GBH
Now, Brett Ewins, charged with stabbing a policeman, and who was then hospitalised by that policeman, is now considered medically fit to stand trial On Thursday he was remanded into custody until a hearing on the charge of GBH with intent at Isleworth Crown Court. Ewins, artist on Judge Dredd,  Bad Company and writer/artist on Rogue[...]
Brett Ewins Arrested, Injured
Brett Ewins, one of 2000AD's most respected Judge Dredd and Bad Company artists was arrested this weekend. The Ealing Gazette reports; "Police were called to Cowper Road after receiving calls about a man who had been shouting through the night Officers arrived to find Mr Ewins holding a knife before they were attacked During the ensuing struggle,[...]
Brett Ewins' Urban Art Goes Inside
Eighties comics star artist Brett Ewins has been absent from the comics scene for many years.Creator on books such as Strange Days with Brendan McCarthy and Johhny Nemo, Bad Company and Skremer with Peter Milligan. Having recovered from a long illness, his work can be seen once more — but not in the pages of[...]
Garth Ennis – When 2000AD Was The Future
A glance at the roster of talent involved is enough to take the breath away, and it should be remembered that a whole generation of readers was able to pick up almost any given issue and see a dozen of these guys at their very best. So thank you: Pat Mills, John Wagner, Gerry Finley-Day, Alan[...]