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Image Watch: Getting Into Sex With Joe Casey (Part 1)
I'm still on the ride. DD: Going back to the topic of the work's impact on you as a person, how does Sex compare to some of your other work like Automatic Kafka, Godland, or Butcher Baker and the impact they had on you? I know you said that things are still kind of bubbling under[...]
Joe Casey And Mike Huddleston – Is It Over?
Yesterday, Joe Casey talked to Comic Book Resources about delays to his Butcher Baker series with Mike Huddleston for Image Comics, and its upcoming return this week with issue 8. For the record, "Ultimate Spider-Man" is only one of the many shows we're currently running My TV workload is batshit crazy and I'll completely cop to[...]
Image Reprints… Everything
We know that Butcher Baker #1 is getting a second print, with the second issue racing around the corner Now we discover that Blue Estate #1, Green Wake #1 are getting second prints on sale the 4th of May, and Nonplayer #1 and Undying Love #1 are also getting second prints for the 11th of[...]
Butcher Baker IS The New Nonplayer
On Saturday, a copy of Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker #1 by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston from Image Comics sold for $26 on eBay, three days after it was published at $2.99 Quite a remarkable market jump, though by yesterday copies were selling for closer to $20. And Nonplayer #1 from Nate Simpson also from[...]