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Jessica Camacho Looked At To Play Gyspy On The Flash
Rumor is that The Flash is looking at former Sleepy Hollow actress to play Gypsy when the series returns next year. The Wrap is reporting that Jessica Camacho will be playing the Justice League Detroit hero that will be helping Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdez) learn more about his powers Gypsy and Vibe have a history in both the[...]
The Flash Will Add Another Former Justice League Detroit Hero
After the Flash the other night, there was a CW Fan Fest Q&A that featured Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdez. Valdez told of how the team will be joining together to try and stop Savitar from killing Iris West He also said there would be a lot of 'Vibing' when the show returns, obviously referring to the[...]
The Flash Cast Join Together To Make The Letter Carrier
The co-director is Rick Cosnett who played Eddie Thawne, musical arrangements were done by Carlos Valdez who plays Cisco Ramon and all three were producers along with Patrick Sabongui who plays Captain David Singh. A mother hides her family from slavery in the Blue Ridge Mountains The children have grown up with a tale of a[...]
The Cast Of The Flash Sing The Ballad Of Serenity
We got to see what Grant Gustin could do on karaoke night… but here are Jesse L Martin, Carlos Valdez and Rick Cosnett singing of all things The Ballad of Serenity.… [youtube][/youtube] There is a lot of talk about fans wanting a singing episode of The Flash[...]
Getting In The Holiday Spirit With Cisco And Dr. Wells
Here Tom Cavanagh who plays Harrison Wells and Carlos Valdez who plays Cisco Ramon give us a brief musical interlude showing off their musical talent There is a nice vibe going on here… [youtube][/youtube] The folks at the Flash are getting into the holiday season as this video shows[...]