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Image Watch: The Big Joe Casey Sex Interview Part 2

By David Dissanayake  Joe Casey gives a damn good interview.  Last week I talked to him about his book Sex from Image Comics.  A masterful post-superhero story about repression, intimacy and personal redefinition, Sex follows Simon Cooke – a Batman/Iron Man/rich man superhero archetype – as he hangs up his cape and cowl in an attempt to leave […]

Image Watch: Getting Into Sex With Joe Casey (Part 1)

which, I hope, lines up with one of the important, overall themes of the book, which is how to find true intimacy when you have no evidence that you're equipped as a human being to do that.DD: So in Sex, along with some of your other more recent works like Butcher Baker and Catalyst Comix,[...]

Pop Culture Hounding Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas

[audio:]by Chris ThompsonAfter last week’s chat with The Lost Boy‘s Greg Ruth (which you can still listen to here) and my recent film podcast with Before Midnight‘s Graham Reynolds (which you can listen to here) I climb into bed for an intimate discussion with writer/artist Ulises Farinas & his co-writer Erick Freitas (Gamma, Catalyst Comix,[...]

Dark Horse Announces Catalyst Comix With Joe Casey

At the NYCC Retailer Breakfast this morning Joe Casey talked about his new Catalyst Comx for Dark Horse, in which he is taking Dark Horse's superhero line from the nineties and reinventing it with a rather more off the wall take, with artists Dan McDaid, Ulises Farinas and Paul Maybury. He commented; "Bigger publishers will put Paul […]