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Paizo Announces New Cooperative Deckbuilding Game Runefire
Paizo announced they have partnered with Catalyst Game Labs to release a new cooperative deckbuilding game called Runefire The game will be based on their TTRPG Pathfinder, as they bring their popular roleplaying game to this new system to make a fresh experience featuring settings and characters you're familiar with The team will be launching[...]
Bleeding Gen Con Day One – Tales Of Exhaustion And Games Gathered
I look forward to digging into this book when I'm less tired. I also talked with Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs about some of their upcoming plans for the Valiant Universe roleplaying game There is some exciting stuff to talk about there, when the time comes to be able to talk about that. Friday I may[...]
Create Your Own Stories With The Valiant Universe Roleplaying Game
By Christopher Helton The Valiant Universe roleplaying game is out from Catalyst Game Labs and Valiant Entertainment Based on the Cue System rules originally developed for Catalyst Game Labs' Cosmic Patrol, a game inspired by the Golden Age of Science Fiction, the Valiant Universe game is a standalone game that requires only some funny dice, and[...]
The 2014 Origins Award Winners For Tabletop Gaming – With A Few Surprises
The winners in all of the categories were announced: Best Role Playing Game Numenera – Monte Cook Games, designed by: Monte Cook Fan Favorite: Shadowrun: Core Rulebook – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Jason Hardy, Aaron Pavao, Adam Large, Mark Dynna, Steven "Bull" Ratkovich, Peter M Andrew Jr., Michael Wich Best Role Playing Supplement Night's Watch – Green Ronin Publishing,[...]
Digital Initiative Kicks Off For Valiant Universe RPG
This years event takes place Saturday June 21st. Catalyst Game Labs is participating in two ways… first they are giving away a Shadowrun/Battletech Quickstart flipbook. The second thing ties into the new Valiant Universe RPG tabletop game that is going live July 5th and their Digital Initiative. With several releases set to debut during the lead-up to Free RPG[...]
Valiant Comics And Catalyst Game Labs Crossover To Produce Valiant Universe RPG
By Christopher Helton Although the news was scooped on Friday, today Valiant Entertainment and Catalyst Game Labs announced that they would be teaming up to produce the Valiant Universe RPG Licensed role-playing games are always met with enthusiasm from tabletop gamers, more so when the licensed property is something that gamers hold a sense of nostalgia[...]