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Will Dial H Be Cancelled With Issue #16?

Originally planned as a Vertigo comic, then repurposed to the New 52 though still edited by Karen Berger, China Mieville has crafted a story reminiscent of Morrison's Doom Patrol Nothing has yet touched the lunacy of Boy Chimney but ut has the most radical Issue Zero of the line and is one of the few[...]

Did China Mieville Have A Little Dig At Alan Moore?

a dig from Dial H writer China Mieville? Did his editor, and previous editor of Alan Moore's work, Karen Berger, catch it?  From the new Dial H, out this week.. looking at previous Dial H incarnations and inhabitants.In 2007, DC Comics published League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, which featured the Golliwog Which caused[...]

Sunday Reviews: Thief Of Thieves #5 And Dial H #2

Eliot Cole reviews Thief Of Thieves #5 by Nick Spencer and Shawn Martinbrough for Bleeding Cool This is like a new issue one. The thing is, that they really didn't need to have one as it's been going pretty well.  It feels like the beginning of a good caper film. The setup of a crew, […]

Who Will Be The First Person To Cosplay As Boy Chimney?

And how long will their hat be? Dial H, the new series from China Miéville and Mateus Santolouco for the New DCU, most unusually edited by Karen Berger, is a relatively humdrum affair. The plot is straight out of central casting, is lacking in originality, interest, or anything that might set it apart from the […]

China Miéville To Write New New 52 Comic, Dial H

His Swamp Thing series for DC/Vertigo may have been slaughtered to make way for Brightest Day and then the DC New 52 relaunch. "Swamp Thing with machine guns" is how one DC Comics executive described it to me. But now British fantasy horror writer and leftwing activist China Miéville is to write his first ongoing […]