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Renfield: First Trailer, Images, and Poster Look Awesome
Chris Brewster has accomplished so much in his 20 years in the Hollywood stunt world, working in various franchises across film and television Among them are Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and Star Wars, but the wildest project he's worked on involves one of his frequent collaborators, director Chris McKay in Universal's Renfield While promoting his[...]
Teen Wolf: The Movie Stunt Coordinator on Franchise, Wolf Pack & More
Chris Brewster is one of the busiest stunt performers in Hollywood, and it's thanks to the connections he's made over the years with his stunt team, crew, and versatile talent With over 160 credits to his name, there isn't a project too big or small for him even become well-known in the biggest franchises like[...]
Daredevil: Stunt Coordinator Chris Brewster on ‘Born Again’ Snub
Veteran stunt performer Chris Brewster is one of the most reliable and elite in his industry, so much so he's been in high demand across Hollywood, including comic conglomerates in Marvel Studios and Warner Bros for their MCU & DCU film and TV projects Among his recent examples is 2022's Black Adam for WB, the[...]
Stunt performers like Chris Brewster are what put the "super" in hero with their hours of dedication to bring DC and Marvel characters to life Among his notable works include Marvel's Daredevil, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Loki, and most recently DC's Black Adam Brewster spoke to Average Being about his trials and tribulations of[...]