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Head of the Class Reboot Receives Full Semester Order at HBO Max
The reboot also stars Jorge Diaz (The Long Road Home), Jolie Hoang-Rappaport (Watchmen), Gavin Lewis (Little Fires Everywhere), Dior Goodjohn (Glee), Brandon Severs (Diary of a Future President), Adrian Matthew Escalona, Katie Beth Hall (Happy!), and Christa Miller (Cougar Town), who will have a recurring role. Lawrence earned a Golden Globe nomination for Ted Lasso for[...]
Head of the Class: HBO Max Rounds Cast for Reboot Pilot
The new additions are Jorge Diaz (Jane the Virgin), Dior Goodjohn (Glee), Brandon Severs (Walk the Plank), Adrian Matthew Scalona, and Christa Miller (Scrubs) They join Isabella Gomez, Gavin Lewis, and Jolie Hoang-Rappaport in the reboot. Christa Miller and Jorge Diaz join the cast of Head of the Class reboot for HBO Max Images courtesy of[...]