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Comics Industry Reacts To… Christmas Day
If you have hacked Xbox Live on Christmas Day you're a bunch of cocks — David Barnett (@davidmbarnett) December 25, 2014 And to listen. Epic xmas dance off happening in our house right now #justdance2015 — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) December 25, 2014 Mother in law has put Enya on the stereo Now is the time of Christmas where[...]
Edward Snowden To Deliver Alternative Christmas Message On Channel 4 Tomorrow
The Queen's Speech on Christmas Day is a long standing British tradition, in which the reigning monarch addresses their subjects, first by radio and now by television as well. Not quite as long standing, but still pretty traditional now is the Alternative Christmas Message on Channel 4, scheduled against the Queen for the last twenty years[...]
What Comics Will Be On Sale On Christmas Day? (UPDATE)
New comics day falls on Christmas Day in 2013. It is likely that comic shops will receive their delivery of comics early and will hold them, then will put them on sale on whatever day they are open Could be Christmas Eve, could be Boxing Day, we'll know the details later. But at least we know what[...]