Clash of Kings


Landry Walker's Writer's Commentary on A Clash Of Kings #3

Landry Walker offers up a Writer’s Commentary on the latest Game Of Thrones comic book from Dynamite Entertainment, A Clash Of Kings #3 It came out on March 25th just before the shutdown hammer came crashing down He writes; Hi people! Things are crazy right now I hope everyone reading this is well and safe and[...]

Still Not "Winds of Winter": "A Clash of Kings" Getting Anniversary Edition

Martin is releasing yet-another-still-not-Winds-Of-Winter book next year.This time, it'll be a new edition of the sequel to "Game Of Thrones", "A Clash of Kings" for the 20th anniversary of the novel's publishing.GRRM and co did this for the first novel's 20th anniversary in 2016, with a beautiful illustrated edition of the saga of Westeros[...]

Clash of Kings #11

Writer's Commentary – Landry Q. Walker Talks A Clash of Kings #11

Martin's A Clash of Kings #11 The issue has covers by Mike Miller and Mel Rubi with interiors by Rubi.Hey, folks Here we are again with another behind the scenes look at A Clash of Kings – the comic adaptation, where I discuss the process of transforming the popular series by George R.R Martin into[...]

Clash of Kings

Writer's Commentary: Landry Q. Walker Talks Clash Of Kings #6

Walker for Clash of Kings #6, part of the Game of Thrones series The cover is by Mike S Miller with interiors by Mel Rubi.Pages 1/2: The first challenge when adapting George R.R Martin’s books is the most obvious – the sheer volume of material, two chapters limited to 21 pages On these first two pages,[...]

Shadow #4

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Clash Of Kings #6, The Shadow #4, And James Bond: Solstice

We have exclusive extended previews below for Clash of Kings #6, James Bond: Solstice and The Shadow #4.10 Frames Per Second: An Articulated Adventure HC writer: Johnny Wu art | cover: Johnny WuInstagram Sensation Johnny Wu has amassed a gargantuan following for his photographs depicting action figures starring in glorious, cinematic adventures This first book collection[...]