American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Cult Episode 1 Recap: "The Revolution Has Begun"

Throw a cult of murdering clowns (possibly); the fascist rise to power of Evan Peters's Kai Anderson (definitely); a woman (Sarah Paulson) who's hallucinating clowns (maybe); and a young and in-danger-from-every-direction Oz (Cooper Dodson) into the mix, and you'll see that Murphy's looking to get a lot done this season.It says something when you find[...]

Jon Watts' Clown Gets US Release In June

Ford uploaded a trailer to the Waverly Films YouTube channel simply called "Clown." The trailer had an interesting premise and claimed to be the next film from Cabin Fever's Eli Roth:[youtube][/youtube]Roth eventually saw the trailer and offered to help Watts and Ford get it made[...]

Eli Roth-Produced Clown Gets A Horrifying Trailer

Jon Watts made a fake trailer for a fake movie about a dad who puts on a clown costume for his kid's birthday party and then can't take it off and turns into a creepy, lurking child-murdering monster Eli Roth and I had very different reactions to such a concept because I shuddered and tried[...]