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You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday "Stargirl" Creator/Co-Showrunner Geoff Johns Releases Heartfelt Letter "Street Fighter" Cammy Gets Three New Statues from PCS Collectibles "Supergirl": So Why Did The Show Kill Off Jeremiah Danvers So Sloppily? So What Happens To Comics Next Wednesday? April Fool? Brian Bendis Sets Up 5G, Crisis, Doomsday[...]
Mark Wheatley's Bride To Help Clydene Nee
Clydene Nee is well known and respected in all corners of the industry and we hope that our readers here can help the amazing woman as well as get a gorgeous piece of art. So you would like to own one of my original paintings? Here is how you can – My good friend, Clydene Nee,[...]
Colourist, Clydene Nee, Declared Legally Blind, Asks For Your Help
Clydene Nee was a comic book industry colourist, working on comics for Image, Dark Horse, Malibu and Universal, including the colour designs for the look of Spawn. She has now, however, been declared legally blind from diabetic retinopathy, after a serious of health issues and major delays with insurance, is in even worse financial straits. I met her[...]
Own Adam Hughes' Promo Art For Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman That Never Was
A utterly unique, and sole, artistic evidence that this movie project at one point existed. Currently on eBay, it is being sold to raise money for Clydene Nee, long standing Comc Con volunteer and the hero behind the continued existence and prosperity of Artists Alley at San Diego Comic Con every year, and currently suffering extensive[...]