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The Famous Jughead Hat: Comics vs. Riverdale

Without a doubt, Jughead Jones has become one of the more popular comic book characters recently. This is mostly due to Cole Sprouse's portrayal of him on Riverdale, and to be fair, he does a great job. Walk into any Hot Topic or Spencer's Gifts, and you'll see a plethora of Jughead specific items. Shirts, […]

Riverdale Episode 11: Using The Same Title As The Made For TV Movie

Before I get into the synopsis for tonight's episode, I'd like to give props to whomever decided to use this title for the episode. Return To Riverdale was also the alternate title for the made for TV movie/pilot for a show that never came to be that aired in the 90s. Anyway, according to TV […]

Betty Is Having None Of Your Crap: Riverdale Episode "A Touch Of Evil"

So by now most of you have seen Riverdale, or have avoided it like the black death. If you fall into the avoided it category, thanks for reading. You're a trooper. We open episode two with Riverdale still trying to figure out who Jason Blossom's killer is, and everyone is growing suspicious and throwing accusations […]

Cheryl Blossom Is The Anti-Christ: Riverdale Episode 1

Let me tell you right now: this is not Bob Montana's Archie. The idealistic town of Riverdale is deeply flawed but still not a bad place to live. That is until July 4th, when Jason Blossom dies. We open with twins Jason and Cheryl blossom driving to Sweet Water River, in a stunning vintage red […]