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Image Comics Removes Oral History Of The Warren Ellis Forum
Also, there's the 30th Anniversary Anthology full of creative powerhouses, more Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips hardcovers, Negan in Crossover, and ( exhale )… sorry that's all you are getting from me for now. But this situation might also shed some light on the Comic Book Workers United union demands for "the continuation of remote work for any[...]
Image Comics Staff Form A Union, Comic Book Workers United
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on the newly formed comic-book union Comic Book Workers United releasing the following statement; We're beyond thrilled to announce that today we, Comic Book Workers United, have WON our union election, making Image Comics the FIRST unionized comic book publisher in the United States All 12 Image staffers submitted ballots, leading to a[...]
Comic Book Workers United
After Image Comics employees organised as Comic Book Workers United and announced themselves as a union earlier this week, yesterday Image Comics issued a statement that chose not to voluntarily recognise the said union, but instead announced there was to be another vote for an existing non-comics industry-specific unionisation Last night the Comic Book Workers[...]
John Zuur Platten & Atilio Rojo's St Mercy OGN From Image Comics
At the beginning of the week, Image Comics staffers stated that after voting in a supermajority, they were forming a union, Comic Book Workers United, to represent employees in the comic book industry, with a series of goals There was a lot of reaction from across the industry, and Bleeding Cool was hearing of both[...]
Image Comics Issues Statement Regarding Creation Of Union By Staff
Image Comics has issued the following statement regarding yesterday's news that staffers at Image Comics had voted with a supermajority to unionise and had founded the Comic Book Workers United union. "Image has always believed in the fair and equitable treatment of staff and has always strived to support employees to the best of our company's[...]
So Why Are There No Comic Book Unions For Creators Then?
Today, Comic Book Workers United announced their organisation as a union for staffers at Image Comics, with the potential for spreading industry-wide Now, this is only for publishing, marketing, and editorial, not for the comic book creators themselves For a start, across the industry, comic book writers, artists, colourists and letterers, and generally employed freelance[...]
Image Comics Staff Form A Union, Comic Book Workers United
Today, Comic Book Workers United announced themselves as a union Made up of staffers working at Image Comics, they voted by a  supermajority to declare the formation of a union In a statement, they declared; For years, comics publishing workers have watched our professional efforts support creators and delight readers Sadly, we have also watched that[...]