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Long lost

Long Lost #3 Review: Growing Some Teeth

Another month brings another review of Long Lost. I've talked at length about how much I enjoy this series: so how does issue #3 stack up? Horror is the most prevalent piece of this issue. The way Francis and Piper play off of each other is set on the back burner in favor of spooky happenings. […]

Efficiency And Progress Is Ours Once More – The Dregs #1 Review

I love Black Mask comics. It's no secret. I dig on companies and people with ethics (which is part of the reason I idolize Chris Roberson) and more than that I dig people who use their storytelling abilities to try to get out something more than entertainment. That being said, it's a tricky line to […]

Get A Big Bang Out Of Thunder Girl and Knight Watchman Comics

By Christopher Helton One of the things that brings together the readers, and writers, of this site is the fact that we love comics. We love all sorts of comics from super-heroes to zombies to romance to manga to science fiction to fantasy. While I love my big, mainstream super-hero comics from companies like DC […]

Is Boom! Box's Munchkin Comic Just For Gamers?

By Christopher Helton Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games is sort of like the tabletop gaming equivalent of Lady Sovereign. You either love the game, or you hate it. Starting out as a teasing satire, making fun of a certain type of player in tabletop RPGs, Munchkin has grown into a phenomena all its own. Now, […]