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Beyond Babes And Bullets: Exploring The Strong Female Character At Stan Lee's Comickaze
Jason Strangis reported from the recent Stan Lee's Comickaze, From the Bad Girls of Gotham to the hot new Supergirl TV series to the highly-anticipated big-screen appearance of Harley Quinn in next year's Suicide Squad, strong female characters seem to be everywhere these days. There's still much room for improvement when it comes to giving women equal[...]
Comickaze's Top 108 Selling Graphic Novels Of The Year – Saga Tops The Polls
San Diego comic store Comickaze has announced their top 100 (ish) selling graphic novels of the year, spread out across a number of Facebook posts. Here they are all, together, one after another, from the best selling to the 108th best selling…… with Saga taking five spots all bunched towards the top… Saga Vol 3 Saga Vol 1 God Is[...]