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Carrie Fisher

If You Miss Carrie Fisher Like We Do, You Should Watch This Video

I really want to get printed on some devotional candles.But, of course, this sent me down a rabbit hole of seeking out some personal favorite television appearances of hers, eventually bringing my attention back to Craig Ferguson Some gem of a person on the internet (no, really, sometimes they exist) collated all of Carrie's visits[...]

Excuse Me, Mr. Moffat…. One Thing Before You Leave

Have Craig Ferguson guest star on an episode The former Late Night host was a constant advocate for Doctor Who while his series was on, having a few recognizable guests like David Tennant.Matt Smith.Peter CapaldiA Dalek.He even hosted the Doctor Who panel at the San Diego Comic Con.The man has to be one of the[...]

Craig Ferguson And NBC Are Looking For Puppet Masters

Those of you who used to regularly watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson will remember that he liked using puppets for some comedy bits He had a variety of puppets that he would use and do different voices, but he never tried to be a ventriloquist.Now Ferguson, along with with The Voice producer Talpa[...]

Peter Capaldi Discusses The Doctor's New Guitar

It certainly sets the current Doctor apart from his predecessors, though, and recalls a time when Capaldi and noted Doctor Who fan Craig Ferguson were in a punk band together. Last night's series 9 premiere of Doctor Who featured the Doctor introducing a new item to his tool kit of sonic screwdrivers, scarves, celery and[...]

Letterman To Take Final Bow In May

To give himself time to prepare for the move to CBS, The Colbert Report will be ending next week.As Letterman leaves CBS, so does his late night partner Craig Ferguson whose show Letterman's World Wide Pants produces Interestingly Ferguson's replacement, James Corden was a guest last night on the Colbert Report giving us a brief[...]

When Peter Capaldi Won An Oscar… Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life

Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life, the short film written and directed by Peter Capaldi, starring Richard E Grant, that won an Oscar for best short film back in 1994.Oh look, it's on YouTube.[youtube][/youtube]And if that's not enough, how about Capaldi's first American chat show with his old friend Craig Ferguson including an early look at[...]

James Corden – 24 Clips That Tell You All You Need To Know About The New Presenter Of The Late Late Show

James Corden has been confirmed as the new presenter of the Late Late Show taking over from Craig Ferguson But most of America are unaware of him Here's a crash course through his career, courtesy of YouTube...In parody boy band Boyz Unlimited.[youtube][/youtube]He would of course, later sing with Gary Barlow.[youtube][/youtube]But back to the earlier days[...]

Craig Ferguson May Not Be Leaving Talk Shows, Just Late Night

Craig Ferguson is in talks to do a syndicated talk show for the Tribune stations that will not only be very similar to his existing show, but will even film in the same studio But the show will not be part of the late night circus as it would be slated to run at 7:00[...]

My Take On James Corden, The Possible New Late Late Show Presenter

So with the expected news that he is moving to take Craig Ferguson's role on the Late Late Show in the US has seen some wave goodbye to him as we did, say, Piers Morgan, with warnings to Americans...But I think that's unfair and incredibly short sighted See, I've worked with James Cordon, principally on[...]

James Corden Named Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show Successor

At the end of the year, when Craig Ferguson unplugs Geoff Peterson, sets the pantomime horse free and says what we learned on his last show.. he will pass the torch of 12:30 AM on CBS to comedian/writer James Corden.Corden is best known for co-writing and starring in Gavin & Stacey, as the Doctor's roommate[...]

Craig Ferguson To Host The Game Of Thrones Panel At Comic-Con

For fans of the hit HBO series, what could possibly make the Game Of Thrones panel at Comic-Con International better? How about if it's hosted by the Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson? The Scottish comedian is not new to hosting panels at SDCC, he took the lead at the Doctor Who panel last year.Joining[...]

Going To See Matt Smith On The Late Late Show

Aside from that, I counted only three fezzes and two bowties.The oddest (Oodest?) moments of the afternoon, however, were initiated by staffers: Before we made our way toward the studio, we were asked, albeit courteously, to reassure the producer that the show “was as much about Craig Ferguson as it was about Doctor Who.” Later,[...]