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Exclusive First Looks At Ex-Con #2 And Terminal Hero #3
With the final order cutoff coming up for these two Dynamite's Creators Unleashed titles, they have sent us an exclusive set of pages each to get readers excited and to have them ask their local retailers to order them a copy Here we get Ex-Con #2 and Termianl Hero #3. Other Dynamite titles with FOC's coming up: Magnus: Robot Fighter #7, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Creators Unleashed Line For November
Here we have the exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations for Dynamite's Creators Unleashed line coming out in November. THE DEVILERS #5 (OF 7) Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art: Matt Triano Cover: Jock FC  •  32 pages  •  $2.99  •  Teen+  •  11/19 As the team regroups, Chun-Bai suspects her team is not what it seems, and[...]
Writer's Commentary – Peter Milligan On Terminal Hero #1
Dynamite's new Creators Unleashed title Terminal Hero hit stores this week and series creator/writer Peter Milligan went through the issue and shares his thoughts with our readers. A comic book about cancer?  Terminal cancer? Oh God, that sounds so bloody depressing. Cancer is at the heart of the book In that it's our hero Rory being diagnosed[...]
Exclusive First Look – Peter Milligan's Terminal Hero
Dynamite is going all in on their Creators Unleashed initiative and we've got an exclusive very early first look at pages from the second offering, Terminal Hero The new series by Peter Milligan and Piotr Kowalski kicks off in August. For more on Terminal Hero #1, click here. Dynamite is going all[...]
Review Of The Devilers #1
The fact that I am friends with Joshua Hale Fialkov and I've worked with Matt Triano in the past made this even more interesting for me. With Dynamite talking about Creators Unleashed as their bid for the Vertigo and Image markets, I wasn't really sure what I was going to get with this book With a[...]