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The Dandy Dies
In 1937, the same year that Detective Comics was first published in America, so was The Dandy in the UK Also an anthology, it has short strips, aimed at young children, a mix of comedy and drama It is one of the longest running comics in the world, published weekly After a spate of rebranding[...]
The Dandy, The Phoenix And The MooseKid: An Interview With Jamie Smart
He's also the creator of Corporate Skull, the best monster fighting/office worker finding the joy in their life at the expense of their face comic ever written and has had work in The Dandy, The Beano, The DFC and The Phoenix Jamie is prolific, massively talented and at the cutting edge of UK children's comics[...]
Tuesday Runaround – A Very Dandy Day
A VERY DANDY DAY The British media goes apeshit over the end of The Dandy in print and its launch as a digital publication. THE WALKING HACK Yesterday, someone rather epicly hacked Tony Moore's tumblr, to a rather insane degree: "Dearest `Tumblr' users, We have taken the liberty of upgrading your (rather tasteless, we must say) blog to our premier[...]
A Look At The New Digital Dandy – With A Free Zero Issue
Earlier today I visited the Cartoon Museum, currently hosting an exhibition of The Dandy over 75 years of publication… only for the Dandy to be cruelly cancelled And then immediately relaunched as a new digital comic book publication. Which has just happened. The zero issue is free, with five strips, Desperate Dan, The Numskulls, Bananaman, Blinky And[...]
Paul McCartney Appears In The Final Issue Of The Dandy
He almost left it too late. But Sir Paul McCartney appears in the final print issue of The Dandy, as the new digital version launches. Apparently, as a young boy he was a fan of weekly children's anthology humour comic that's been running since 1938, and over the years many celebrities have appeared in the strips in[...]
Hey, America, This Is A Saturday Runaround
DreddWatch: John Wagner mourns the decline of The Dandy. So important was the industry once to the city that a statue of Dan now stands on one of Dundee's main thoroughfares Seventy-five years The Dandy has lived, Britain's longest-running comic, an important part of so many children's lives At one point it sold over two million[...]
The UK's Longest Running Comic, The Dandy, To Close In December
DC Thompson is to end the longest running comic book in the UK, The Dandy. Started in 1937, the kids anthology comic The Dandy beat off its better selling rivals when it was launched and outlived them all by decades Featuring the likes of Desperate Dan, Bananaman and Korky The Kat, the comic was relaunched three[...]
Tuesday Runaround – The Dandy And The Bat
DandyWatch: I've just been on BBC Radio West Midlands to talk about the rumoured demise of The Dandy, one of the longest running comics in the world It feels a little like a bit of PR to me, to bring attention to a childhood favourite I buy The Dandy for my kids, I do hope[...]
A New Look For The Mighty Thor
And while Marvel have got a big blockbuster of a movie coming out featuring the Norse God Of Thunder, so there have been a number of look-alikeys around. But have any been as charming as The Mighty Thor by Andy Fanton, appearing in the pages of British kids comic, Dandy? I don't think so, do you? And[...]
Iain Duncan Smith Features In The Dandy, Baby-Sitting The Prime Minister
It may well be the stand out strip of the new relaunched Dandy comic Pre-Skool Prime Minister, in which the country have elected a three year old And which features a rather familiar face Is that ex-leader of the Tory Party, now the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions? Yes, yes it is And in[...]
Numbercrunching: The Dandy #3508
So the first issue of the new relaunched Dandy comic, now a weekly comic full of, you know, comics has launched And there has been a minor media fuss Sky News highlights the voting option of characters along with the Harry Hill strip The company that created The Bogies strip sends out its own press[...]
Cover Of Relaunched Dandy With Harry Hill
Here's the cover to tomorrow's relaunch of Dandy as a weekly children's comic anthology again It features, as promised Harry Hill on the cover The publisher DC Thomson promise a new strip written by the cover featured Harry Hill and drawn by Nigel Parkinson entitled Harry Hill's Real-Life Adventures in TV-Land (Featuring Knitted Character)[...]
Tuesday Runaround – From Harry Hill To Superman
HarryWatch: Harry Hill with an old copy of the Dandy, photographed by Dandy cartoonist with the unwieldy name of Nigel Parkinson Expect publicity today… NewsWatch: The media has descended on Superman: Earth One Kudos to DC's publicity team for this Here are my favourite takes… "bearing more of a resemblance to Robert Pattinson from the "Twilight" movies[...]
The Dandy To Relaunch With The Face Of Harry Hill
How do you distinguish between a character from the Dandy and a delicious pastry? Desperate Dan, Flan Korky The Cat, Pain Du Chocolat You've got to have a system. Star of TV Burp, the surreal alternative-comedian-turned-major-mainstream-hit Harry Hill will see his own strip featured in the relaunch of Dandy as a weekly children's comedy anthology of[...]
Dandy To Relaunch As Weekly Comic Again
It began in the nineteen thirties, going biweekly during the War, then returning, alongside sister comic The Beano, to become a true national institution, Britain's longest running comic book, ad the third longest in the world. This children's anthology comic with characters including Desperate Dan, Beryl The Peril and Dreadlock Holmes. But facing falling sales, since 2007,[...]