Tuesday Runaround – From Harry Hill To Superman

Tuesday Runaround – From Harry Hill To SupermanHarryWatch: Harry Hill with an old copy of the Dandy, photographed by Dandy cartoonist with the unwieldy name of Nigel Parkinson. Expect publicity today…

NewsWatch: The media has descended on Superman: Earth One. Kudos to DC's publicity team for this. Here are my favourite takes…

"bearing more of a resemblance to Robert Pattinson from the "Twilight" movies than Christopher Reeve from the Superman films." New York Post – so who is on Team Lois, who is on Team Lara?

"Man of Steel swaps cape for a hoodie" – Daily Mail – will David Cameron be forced to hug him?

"loyal fans may wonder if you can really trust an angst-ridden hipster to fight for truth, justice and the American way". – Katie Couric, CBS.

StripWatch: Garry Trudeau talks about a life spent in Doonesbury.

The contradictory characterizations of him as fascist or socialist only serve to confirm the truth—he's a raging moderate. And satirists don't do well with moderates, especially thoughtful ones. In addition, Obama rarely makes gaffes and has no salient physical or temperamental features. And sinking popularity isn't a critique. Even SNL's main rap on him is his unflappability, hardly a vice in a world leader.

SnobWatch: There is a xenophobic stereotype that the French are a nation of snobs. Which is not true. But this one is. Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon-Parme who is seeking a court order against Takashi Murakami from exhibiting manga-derived artwork at the Palace of Versailles.

"We're not against the modernity of art but against a way of thinking that denatures and does French culture no good," the prince said.

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Superman To Become Superbitch

Remember how everyone hated Spiderman 3 because Toby Maguire started wearing eyeliner, died his hair black, wore his bangs over one eye and performed sporadic, emotionally charged jazz numbers to upset MJ? DC Comics new graphic novel "Superman: Earth One" is going to be just like that.

Ten Questions with Bill Rosemann

It's kind of like what I imagine casting a movie or TV show is like. In that case, you're trying to select a look and acting style that would best bring a character to life. In our case, you start with the project and think about what kind of tone and writing style would work best. Then you brainstorm a wish list (which is a lot like when you sit around with your friends and say, "You know who I'd pick to write this book…?")…and then you find out who is actually available and/or interested. Sometimes you're actively looking for a project for someone and an assignment lands on your desk…and the writer actually likes it. Sometimes you even go out of the comic industry and reach out to novelists whose work has caught your eye. Basically, it's part inspiration, part perspiration, and a whole bucket o' luck.

No, not that Caliber

Caliber and Molecule also will collaborate for an upcoming line of motion comics Caliber is generating in-house.

How New York City shaped superheroes | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Several of the World's Fair spectacles included real-life daredevils with eerie similarities to some of the superheroes that emerged later in the year. One example involved men who set themselves ablaze and dove from high places while engulfed in flames, in an act named "hell-diving." A superhero named "The Human Torch" — a robotic android — later debuted in 1939, drawn with clear similarities to photos of the hell-divers. More recently, another unrelated Human Torch became a human member of the superhero group dubbed The Fantastic Four.

Thor Frost Giant Revealed

The figure, which was spotted on eBay from seller Keithadam, is part of the film's 3.75" inch line, though the giant is noticeably a bit taller,  nearly a head so more than the other characters in the line (he's pictured standing between Odin and Loki). Whether or not this relative scale carries over into the the film has yet to be confirmed, but the chilly look and the ice weapons no doubt provide a strong frame of reference for what we'll be seeing on the big screen next summer.

Tuesday Runaround – From Harry Hill To Superman

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