dark knight rising

Bane Speaks! And So Does Batman… [VIDEO]

The thing about this Bane parody video for The Dark Knight Rising is that Bane sounds far less intelligable in the Dark Knight Rising Prologue than he does in this parody…

Monday Runaround – Blame It On The Batman

StoreWatch: Ace Comics in Colchester to celebrate thirty years in business. "I have seen big chain stores come and go and here I am. I might have moved about, but I have learnt it does not really matter where I am. We are doing just as well here as we did when we were in […]

Welcome To Your New Wayne Manor – Wollaton Park Hall

Wollaton Park in Nottingham, England, is close to visitors today, as Warners are filming the new Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises, here. Not so much for the deer or the brooks that run through the park, but for Wollaton Park Hall which will make for a wonderful Wayne Manor. Where the Batmobile will pop out […]

First Set Shot From Dark Knight Rises?

Thanks to NolanFans for tipping Bleeding Cool off as to this shot purporting to be from the set of the third Nolan Batman movie Dark Knight Rises. Certainly someone is building Arkham Asylum sets… This was posted on the JoBlo forums with the description; "my good mate who is working on set at cardington where […]

Speculator Corner: Legends Of The Dark Knight 11-15

No sooner has the rumour that the new Batman movie Dark Knight Rising will be based on Prey, the Doeg Moench/Paul Gulacy five parter story from Legends Of The Dark Knight #11-#15, than eBay sits up and takes notice. Previously a very cheap comic, with issues rarely selling for more than 99 cents, a collection […]