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Psychiatric Tales Presents A Glimpse Behind The Scenes of Mental Health
Darryl Cunningham's collection of comics, Psychiatric Tales, gifts the viewer with a rare, humanized vision of what it is like for those who work within the mental health field, and for those who suffer from mental health afflictions It is a candid, with simple though evocative black-and-white drawings in a style reminiscent of newspaper strips,[...]
Ayn Rand Gets Comic Biography On-Line… For Free
Artist Darryl Cunningham has put together a free on-line comic biography of the polarizing woman He has presented it in a balanced, unbiased approach Its well worth the read. You've heard the name, Ayn Rand… she was brought up a lot during the 2012 elections in relation to Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan who stated[...]
Nelson And Her Armada Of Fifty Four Creators
Paul Grist, Rob Davis, Woodrow Phoenix, Ellen Lindner, Jamie Smart, Gary Northfield, Sarah McIntyre, Suzy Varty, Sean Longcroft, Warwick Johnson–Cadwell, Luke Pearson, Paul Harrison–Davies, Katie Green, Paul Peart–Smith, Glyn Dillon, I.N.J.Culbard, John Allison, Philip Bond, D'Israeli, Simone Lia, Darryl Cunningham, Jonathan Edwards, Ade Salmon, Kate Charlesworth, Warren Pleece, Kristyna Baczynski, HARVEYJAMES, Rian Hughes, Sean Phillips[...]