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DC Comics Launches DC Connect #1, Free Monthly Digital Catalogue

DC Replaces DC Previews With Digital-Only DC Connect #1

So we are getting a new Diamond Previews on Wednesday. But we may now no longer be getting the DC Previews that goes along with it. Instead DC Comics is launching a digital-only version, DC Connect, and the first issue is available right here, right now, at this link. DC Comics describes it thus: DC […]

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, Spider-Gwen Bust on Next Week's Previews Cover

Diamond Previews is out a week today, listing all the comics, toys and the like Diamond are distributing through the direct market in February 2019. This time they have promoted the toy section to the front cover it seems, with Diamond's Legends series of Marvel half-scale busts. With Mark Millar and Simone Bianchi's Sharkey The Bounty […]

Doomed Brings Back The Alpha Centurion To The DCU

In the back of today's Convergence: Superman #2 is a preview to the new DC tile for June, Doomed, by Scott Lobdell and Javier Fernandez, the only brand new non-legacy lead character in the June mini-relaunch. However, in doing that, they also bring back a blast from the past, Alpha Centurion, introduced in the eighties […]

Prez Lays Out A Remarkable Future For Twitter, Drones, Anonymous And DC

In the back of today's Convergence Batgirl #2, we got a glimpse of hot new series for June, Prez. And we learned plenty about the DC Universe in the year 2036, with the teenage president-elect Beth Ross, elected as America continues its involvement in world affairs… And more remarkable than a President being elected by […]

Today, Three New Potential Members For Section Eight

Section Eight were the world's worst superhero team. Created by Six Pack, who had the power of being drunk, they appeared in the Hitman comic, from Garth Ennis and John McCrea. Never hitting the high sales, they managed to crawl to a very respectable sixty issues and were both shockingly silly, savage, scandalous and touching […]

You'll Believe A Commissioner Can Fly In Detective Comics Preview

Today's Convergence: Justice League #2 does not have an Earth 2: Society preview, as promised, instead it has a preview new story for Detective Comics by Francis Manapul. Which gives him the chance to put the new man in the suit.Okay, we know who it is because we read a) Bleeding Cool or b) Divergence […]

Green Lantern Up Takes The Gauntlet In June

Today's Convergence: The Atom #2 features a preview of the new Green Lantern creative team's book launching in June. Which also gives us our first look at Hal Jordan's Green Lantern Gauntlet. We've seen it in the cover for Green Lantern #41 in June.. Now we get to see it in action for the first time. […]

How Lantern Kyle Rayner Is Murdered By The Omega Men

We were told that that the upcoming launch of Omega Men from DC Comics in June would feature the death of Kyle Rayner at their hands. But did we believe it?. The Omega Men are back in an all-new series! They've murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner and now, the universe wants them to pay! Who are […]