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Ready Player One 'The Stacks: Songs From The OASIS' Album Hits iTunes
Calling all Gunters and 6'ers- ok maybe not the latter because DOWN WITH IOI-  climb aboard the Ready Player One hype train.  Today, Brash Tracks released a collection of covers of notable songs mentioned in the novel "Ready Player One", and a new original songs as well. Brash Tracks' Brian McKinney has said 50% of all proceeds from the[...]
Indie Spotlight On Serving Supes, Chroma, Flutter And Dead Man's Party
By Shawn Perry, the return of Indie Spotlight featuring coverage of Serving Supes, Chroma, Dead Man's Party and Flutter Volume Two… Serving Supes by Steve Stern, Matt Yuan and John Yuan is a buddy comedy following the misadventures of Cheech and Clive O'Huang as they attempt to earn their living by, as promised, serving court summons[...]