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Her bruised heart secretly yearns for romance in a world of transactional uber-tinder relationships." Amell has made a name for himself within The CW's DC universe, playing Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm/Deathstorm on The Flash (with his cousin being Arrow's own Stephen Amell) He was also the lead in CW series The Tomorrow People, and appeared in last season's The X-Files revival[...]
Six Important Moments From The Flash – Welcome To Earth-2
On Earth-2 Caitlin Snow is Killer Frost and Ronnie Raymond is Deathstorm with Martin Stein buried somewhere deep down They are evil and work for Zoom But hey, here they get to be together… for a while Not something the Earth-1 versions really got after the particle accelerator exploded So this will make a portion[...]
Secrets Of The Crime Syndicate
And they've been coming for some time. Bleeding Cool first told you one of them would be Deathstorm, a counter to Firestorm But who, on Earth 3, is he? Geoff Johns told IGN that he'd be; "a scientist who's been merged with the dead body of his lab assistant It's given him a cold demeanor and a[...]