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A 'French Invasion' As Delcourt Debuts In English On ComiXology, Plus Preview Of Iron Squad
Today, independent French comic book publisher Delcourt and ComiXology are announcing a new partnership for English-language editions of French comics on the digital platform Delcourt are bringing "an exclusive line of English language digital-first comics" to ComiXology, and this month will debut several titles that have been best-sellers in France, including, The Curse of the[...]
Frank Cho's Creator-Owned Comics For The Next Few Years
Publisher Delcourt and Image Comics Yes, Frank dropped the ball on this, he puts it down to "around when I rewrote the second issue, and it snowballed into a monster I have everything under control now and have the first 25 pages done and outlined the remaining issues in this 4 issue miniseries." And of course,[...]
The Hartlepool Monkey Scores Big In France
The French edition of Knockabout's The Hartlepool Monkey by Wilfrid Lupano and Jeremie Moreau, translated as Le Singe de Hartlepool by Delcourt, has been awarded a literary prize as part of the "Rendez-vous de l'histoire de Blois" festival, the biggest history event in France, taking place in the city of Blois, with a jury made[...]
French Court Decides Delcourt Over Dargaud
Swipe File hist the international courts! Look how a decent judicial system works… Dargaud sued Delcourt in France for a comic biography of EP Jacobs, author of Dargaud-published Blake & Mortimer series, that apparently had a cover which was "too close" to the Blake & Mortimer covers. The cover in question on the left and a standard[...]
Delcourt Buys Soleil To Create The Biggest Independent French Comics Publisher
One of the bigger French comics publishers, Delcourt has just bought a majority share in another of the bigger French comics publishers, Soleil. Together, that sees Delcourt leapfrog competitor Glenat in terms of size, becoming the largest independent comics publisher in France by far Of course, they are smaller than Media Participations who own Dargaud, Lombard[...]