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Seinfeld: Wayne Knight Channels Newman in USPS Political Ad
The ad comes courtesy of Democratic super PAC PACRONYM The video begins with Knight coming out with his satchel to start his PSA. Seinfeld's Wayne Knight reprises "Seinfeld's" Newman for US Postal Service political ad Image courtesy of PACRONYM The Newman Ad "Hello zip codes and you plus fours – you know who you are," Knight said[...]
Robin Wright as Buttercup and Cary Elwes as Westley in The Princess Bride (1987). Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios
Ted Cruz (R) is pitching an "inconceivable" hissy fit over a reunion for The Princess Bride (1987) in a Q&A fundraiser event stumping for Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden "Do you hear that Fezzik? That is the sound of ultimate suffering," Cruz tweeted presuming over the sounds of the world's smallest violin "My heart made[...]
Auto Draft
Comic book shop Bedrock City Comic Co of Houston, Texas is offering a 25% discount to Democrat voters in the Super Tuesday vote Yesterday they posted the following on their social media, Voting is one of our greatest superpowers, so we hope to see everyone in the Bedrock City family making their voices heard tomorrow! Come[...]
You Can Watch Election Night Results In A Movie Theater
The theater chain will be offering viewing parties for Election Night to watch results with either Republican or Democrat themed groups The Blue or Red parties will take place in 50 theaters across 25 major markets. This is believed to be the first time election night viewing parties have been offered in any movie theater Each[...]