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Demon’s Souls Maiden in Black Levels You Up with Good Smile Company
Good Smile Company is back with another incredible figure from the hit PlayStation video game Demon's Souls This hit game even received a recent remastered release for the PS5, brining back the love that fans once had for it Good Smile dives into the depths and horror of the dark once again as they debuted[...]
Good Smile Company Unleashes Demon’s Souls with New Figma 
FromSoftware kicked off this new genre, and it was the PlayStation 3-exclusive game Demon's Souls that started it all It was not long ago that the beloved game made its way on PS5 systems with a remastered remake It looks like Good Smile Company is taking the game to new levels as they unveil their[...]
Sony Reveals Demon's Souls During The PS5 Showcase
A bit of a surprise out of the blue as Sony along with Bluepoint Games revealed Demon's Souls during the PS5 Showcase The game is a straight-up remake of the 2009 PS3 game, but instead of working with FromSoftware or any of the other companies that took part in the first game, they decided to[...]
Bluepoint Games Is Teasing A "Big" Remake That Fans Think May Be "Demon's Souls"
Fans are thinking it could actually be a remake of the classic Souls title Demon's Souls Ever since Dark Souls: Remastered launched in 2018, it's a remake fans have been waiting for Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has even gone on record stating that he would appreciate a remaster "done right" by another studio in terms[...]
Dark Souls Beyond Death Hardcover
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Dark Souls: Beyond the Grave is an in-depth look at the Souls game series, in particular from Demon's Souls to Dark Souls and finally Dark Souls II Exhaustively researched by Damien Mecheri and Sylvain Romieu, Beyond the Grave focuses on the whole of the creation from a historical standpoint, creating a detail-rich, text-heavy tome focused on[...]
Demon's Souls
Demon's Souls, the grandfather of the Souls series, will end its online support tomorrow, February 28th, 2018. Credit// FromSoftware Demon's Souls is a pretty influential game at this point It is the title that laid down a lot of the roots for Dark Souls to improve on, and that game went on to become one of the[...]
Demon's Souls
Credit// FromSoftware Sony is going to be shutting down the live services for FromSoftware's Demon's Souls in February of 2018 The shutdown date means the game will getting online support services for nine years, as it was originally released on February 5th, 2009. Atlus USA, who published the game in North America, took a moment to thank[...]