Demon's Souls Online Functionality Will Cease Tomorrow

Demon's Souls, the grandfather of the Souls series, will end its online support tomorrow, February 28th, 2018.

Demon's Souls
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Demon's Souls is a pretty influential game at this point. It is the title that laid down a lot of the roots for Dark Souls to improve on, and that game went on to become one of the biggest and freshest titles in the last 10 years. Without Demon's Souls, we likely would never have seen that series or its sister title, Bloodborne, from From Software, or the many other features and ideas cribbed by other games. For that, the title has certainly earned its place as an 'important' title in modern gaming.

Sadly, it is seeing one of its most influential features shut off tomorrow. It's not news that the game's online was going to be turned off, as it was announced a while ago, but some had hoped it might be left alive with enough support. That doesn't seem to have persuaded the higher-ups at Sony though, as the closure is still planned. When it happens, there will no longer be notes on the ground left by other players and red and white specters will no longer be in the game.

It's always sad to see a portion of a game be turned off and scrapped. The game is nine years old, so it is understandable, but still — after tomorrow, the game will never be quite the same again. Especially as the root for such an iconic mechanic still used today, it will be sad to see it go. An unfortunate reality of video game preservation.

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