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Denver Comic Con '15: Alan Tudyk is Wash
  Michael Lujan writes for Denver Comic Con Moderated by Clare Kramer (known for her roles in Buffy, Bring It On and website Geek Nation) the panel with Alan Tudyk (best known his role as Wash, the pilot of Serenity in the show Firefly) basically revealed that he is Wash Comedic and witty he was easily the[...]
Denver Comic Con Breaks 100K In Attendees For 2015
There was speculation throughout the weekend that Denver Comic Con was rounding the corner on 100K in attendance this year It was as busy on Saturday, the first full day of the con, as one usually sees on a Saturday elsewhere, then as busy on Sunday again as a Saturday usually is, and today, Monday,[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: The Women Of Whedon
Before leaving, Tudyk also made a stop by Denver Comic Con's Pop Culture Classroom – a kid-friendly nonprofit group that combines comics and learning – to do a special reading of popular children's story The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak (The Office). Carley Jo Cave writes, This Sunday morning's Women Of Whedon Panel included appearances[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: 60 Sizzling Shots Of Cosplay
Matthew Barta shoots and scores at Denver Comic Con, with this gallery of cosplay on display at the show, for Bleeding Cool. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Matthew Barta shoots and scores at Denver Comic Con, with this gallery[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: A Panel Full Of Ponies
She reports from Denver Comic Con and is 12 years old Given the huge amount of programming for young people at Denver Comic Con, one of their missions, we were very happy to have Ashleigh on board to check out some of these events She writes: I decided to attend the Ask A Pony panel This[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: Keeping Up With Comic Book Movies And Television
By Evan Fries writes from Denver Comic Con The "Building Universes" panel was certainly a presentation that was put together by fans, for fans… as well as for those who are on the road to becoming fans "We are not experts, simply fans who love comics, who love movies, and who love TV," said host Nathan[...]
Denver Comic Con '15:  Umbrella Corp Denver Saves Comic Con!
Nathan Becker writes from Denver Comic Con, Disaster strikes at the Denver Comic Con as the zombie-creating T-virus was released on the exhibit floor The Umbrella Corp Denver was immediately deployed to eradicate the outbreak No sightings of Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy, but the heroes of UC Denver quickly assaulted the exhibit floor[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: David Petersen And 10 Years Of Mouse Guard
William Woods writes from Denver Comic Con, David Petersen begins his Denver Comic Con 2015 panel by reading from "Baldwin the Brave" It is the 10th Anniversary of Mouse Guard, and the reason it continues to endure is evident in David's story telling skill As he reads to the audience, he provides an energetic and[...]
DC Comics Give What 'Oracle Fans Have Always Wanted' After Convergence
From DC's Batman panel happening right now at Denver Comic Con, one fan asked why Oracle was "taken away" and turned back into Batgirl in the New 52, by removing her diversity as a handicapped person Especially when she was previously very active and beloved. DC reps said that it was a valid question and that[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: When Kieron Gillen Summoned The WicDiv Cosplayers(UPDATE)
No, sorry, they were not wearing suit jackets, a shirt, a bread and a skullcap… …well, I mean one of them is. But earlier at the con we reported on Kieron Gillen's shout out for cosplayers who cosplayed as characters he worked on at Denver Comic Con, particularly from The Wicked + The Divine. And cosplayers, they came…[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: Patrick Warburton Speaks
William Woods writes from the Denver Comic Con. Saturday afternoon at Denver Comic Con 2015, Patrick Warburton makes an appearance that not even a Freakazoid could miss.  Mr Warburton says he's "…not exactly a chameleon", but it is his unique voice that garners fans of all ages because they love his characters and the personality he[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: Star Wars: The New Canon
Evan Fries writes from the Denver Comic Con Denver Public Library has quite a presence at the convention this year, and they put together a panel called "Star Wars: The New Canon" aimed at clearing up some of the confusion for the more passive Star Wars fans about issues with canon and continuity While there weren't[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: Everything Is Awesome! In Postmodern Movies
Evan Fries writes from Denver Comic Con 2015: After wandering around Denver Comic-Con all morning and seeing some of the incredible things that the convention has to offer, I decided to finally get myself into one of the panels The avid movie-consumer in me led me to a panel called Understanding Postmodern Culture via Movies: Everything[...]
Denver Comic Con '15:  Can You Get Fred Van Lente To Sing?
Nathan Becker writes from the Denver Comic Con. Valiant Entertainment brought one of their premier writers to the Denver Comic Con in Fred Van Lente.  Fred is known for writing fan favorite characters Archer & Armstrong, The Delinquents and Ivar, Timewalker.  Luckily for fans, Fred is alternating signing autographs between the Valiant booth and his own[...]
Swag! Denver Comic Con Edition – All The Art
Neil Greenaway writes, My first day at Denver Comic Con 2015 heralded very few comics, but a whole pile of original art These pieces include an Imperator Furiosa from Ted Naifeh, a Galactus & Silver Surfer from Val Brazier, a Wolfman, a Skeleton and a Sgt Hatred all from Kevin Gentilcore, a Ninja Turtle from[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: Movie Cars Gone Wild
Matthew Barta has sent us some photos of the movie cars of Denver Comic Con All we can say is Vroom vroom I am not sure I would want a dangerous reptile as an accessory to my vehicle, however useful they might be in an HOV lane. Here are some of his photos: [...]
The Old DC Comics Characters Will Survive The Convergence
Bleeding Cool recently reported that the many different worlds collected on the Battleworld world of the Convergence would be seen again after the event, despite original plans for them not to. Well, at the DC All Access panel at Denver Comic Con, Convergence writer Jeff King stated that the after the Convergence "Every character will now be available[...]
Denver Comic Con '15: David Petersen's Turtle Guard
Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints from Mouse Guard's David Petersen , six inches square on sale at Denver Comic Con today… Turtle Guard anyone? Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints from Mouse Guard's David Petersen , six inches square on sale at Denver Comic Con today… Turtle Guard anyone? Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles prints from Mouse Guard's[...]