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Denver Pop Culture Con 2021 - No Plans To Return, Yet
Denver Pop Culture Con, formerly Denver Comic Con, has announced the cancellation of their May 2021 event which had been scheduled for May 14-16 at the Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver, CO A letter sent out announces the news as well as making an appeal for the charitable causes the event usually funds Adam[...]
Valiant High #1
Valiant has unveiled all the exclusives they plan to offer at Denver Comic Con, and with the mile high city's legal recreational marijuana program, we figure it's probably best to write it all down so nobody forgets Maaaan. First up, a Valiant High #1 variant by Joe Eisma: While you're at the Valiant Booth, check out the[...]
Highlights From The 'Life With Archie' Panel At Denver Comic Con
Ashleigh Jay writes: Denver Comic Con, held on June 30th–July 2nd, hosted four creators working for Archie Comics A Life With Archie panel hosted by Hannah Means-Shannon featured creators Fernando Ruiz, Dan Parent, Erica Henderson, and Ian Flynn Fernando Ruiz and Dan Parent have both written and penciled multiple Archie comics Erica Henderson currently does the pencils[...]
Robin And Cory Childs Talk New Series 'Wavemen' At Denver Comic Con
I saw the pair last weekend at Denver Comic Con 2017 with the recently released fourth volume of LeyLines and the first volume of a new series, called Wavemen The time seemed right, so I sat down to talk with them about where the story came from, where it's going, and how the couple work[...]
Denver Comic Con
Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes: Denver Comic Con 2017 came to an end on Sunday with initial reports of the attendee count coming in between 110,000 and 120,000 The line to get inside at one point on Saturday wrapped twice around the convention center But the weather was pleasant and the security team kept[...]
A Very American Oni – Carl Buchanan At Denver Comic Con 2016
Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool: Bleeding Cool: Today, I am here at Denver Comic Con 2016 with Carl Buchanan talking about his new series American Oni Now, can you start by giving us just a brief synopsis of what the book is about? Carl Buchanan: So basically American Oni is about when[...]
A Horror Family Comedy From Todd Jones At Denver Comic Con 2016
Until this past weekend at Denver Comic Con We talked about the new trade paperback collection of his anthology series, Wicked Awesome Tales, and I found out a little bit more about the upcoming Fort Collins Comic Con. Bleeding Cool: Today we are talking to Todd Jones at Denver Comic Con 2016 I understand that your[...]
Denver Comic Con, Cryptic And Cogs With J James McFarland
When I heard that he would have some new books available for Denver Comic Con, I jumped at the chance to sit and talk with him about some of his recent projects. Bleeding Cool: I am here today at Denver Comic Con 2016 talking with J James McFarland of many things, but first off about Cryptids[...]
The Killing Joke To Dapper Dalek – 164 Cosplay Shots From Denver Comic Con
Denver Comic Con is gearing up for its largest convention in the 5 year history With over 100,000 people expected to attend on Saturday alone things will get hot not only outside but most likely on the convention floor as well The cosplayers did seem to come out in record numbers not only fighting the[...]
Free Hugs From Frank Beddor At Denver Comic Con
The books have now been available in the United States for a little while because enough people were interested in them. Beddor has been attending Denver Comic Con since first year it was held He was talking to me about how some people don't understand that a comic con does not just feature comics but also[...]