Denver Comic Con '15: Patrick Warburton Speaks

William Woods writes from the Denver Comic Con.

Saturday afternoon at Denver Comic Con 2015, Patrick Warburton makes an appearance that not even a Freakazoid could miss.  Mr. Warburton says he's "…not exactly a chameleon", but it is his unique voice that garners fans of all ages because they love his characters and the personality he brings to them.

DCC_PW_009Despite playing characters with questionable ethics at times, Patrick talks about his upbringing in a very religious family.  His father almost became a monk and his mother was schooled with nuns.  Needless to say his parents are not always fond of the characters he plays.  He makes a case that his life with his parents could be a sitcom.  Any embarrassment he may cause their religious sensibility is visited back on him as he discusses how his mother once tried to convert Jerry Seinfeld.

DCC_PW_020In the midst of discussing how he went from being kicked out of Disneyland for misbehaving on the People Mover and doing narration work at the behest of Roy Disney, Patrick takes time to address a fan's question about his golf charity to Support Saint Jude Children's Hospital.  He confesses he has not played the Skylanders video game for which he voices the pilot named Flynn, but will be getting lessons soon from a child helped by his charity,

DCC_PW_038Patrick has played character for nearly every age, and one character is both a child and adult…sort of.  The Tick may have only lasted 9 episodes, but he could soon be coming back thanks to Amazon.  Don't expect the same version of the first Tick series though.  Patrick hints at a slightly different "sweet but dangerous" version.  The series is all set to go, but his new TV show called "Crowded" may affect the time line to get a new Tick leaping on to the scene.

DCC_PW_043As his time comes to a close, Patrick excites "Venture Brothers" watchers with the revelation that he owns a '69 Dodge Charger because his sons thought he should own the same car as Brock Samson.  Brock has a name for his car, Adrienne.  Patrick has a name for his Charger too, Angelina.

Time for one more question:   What comedic genius would Patrick like to work with next?  Jerry Lewis.

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