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Marvel Brings Back Dez Skinn's Big Ben To Miracleman
Big Ben was a character created by Dez Skinn and Ian Gibson as The Man With no Time For Crime for first on the cover of Dez Skinn's Warrior Magazine Summr Special #4 published by Quality Communications back in 1982, though the planned strip didn't appear in the comic. The character, a superheroic version of John[...]
My Monthly Curse #22 by Phill Hall – Comics International Playboy
It apparently makes us stronger. If one can re-arrive somewhere, I had re-arrived! There were few people who I'd worked with over the previous four years (my short life as a retailer) that begrudged me the chance to work with Dez Skinn Some people might still believe they were better-equipped or better[...]
My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #17 – Getting In Deep
But I would have preferred to have stayed gutted, because at about 1pm the most unexpected visitor turned up – Dez Skinn had driven up from Finchley for my last day, or, what actually happened was on my last day in my shop, he came up and took over my day, he[...]
My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #4 – Skinning Up
Now, however, he is going to look back on it all for Bleeding Cool. As I alluded to, Dez Skinn is known in comics fandom (a concept explained later) as 'The British Stan Lee' [For the benefit of those of you who haven't heard of Stan Lee, he's the guy who was[...]
Dez Skinn's Archaeology – And The Return Of Starburst
Dez Skinn may spend much of his days right now arranging Comic Cons in the Middle East, but he's best known as the man who edited Marvel UK before launching his own Warrior comic, reviving Marvelman and launching V For Vendetta in the process, then founding Comics International. And he also carries round a rather[...]
Sunday Runaround – The Anger Of John Byrne
Capcom 3 in Spring 2011. Dez Skinn Dot Com Kev (O'Neill) did all the work on the magazine, I simply looked after the printing and distribution, so that left me plenty of spare time to continue work on another title I'd started under the Penwith banner the year before… Warrior. CosplayWatch: Photo by Patrick King, from Wizard[...]
The Return Of FA – And A Look At Its Past
Fantasy Advertiser or FA was at one point edited by Dez Skinn, had verbose contibutions by Alan Moore and was at one point published officially by Trident, part of Neptune Distribution Indeed it was Trident that doomed the magazine as the final editor Martin Skidmore found he had to spend all his time editing the[...]