Warners Gets 90% Of Every V For Vendetta Mask License? Dez Skinn Gives – And Gets – His Two Cents

Remember, remember the 5th November, that's when Anonymous are attempting their latest Million Mask March, in which anywhere up to a million people will descend on government institutions wearing the Guy Fawkes mask made famous by the V For Vendetta comic and movie.


That is the mask that is licensed for production by Warner Bros, of course. As Dez Skinn, original publisher of V For Vendetta in Warrior Comic, who still has a small percentage of the rights, pointed out…


So, were ANONYMOUS to achieve their goal, and all one million peaceful protesters bought nice shiny new masks, let's see… At 1.5p per mask commission…BLIMEY! (Not sure I'm really getting into the spirit of this event though!)

1.5 pence, that's about two cents from each mask going to Dez. Confirming the headline, he says,

Yes, Warner Bros and their subsidiary DC Comics, take 90%.

Which is why Anonymous give you the option of printing out your own version.


Or even painting it.

But yes, they will sell you one if you insist…

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