Avatar Press Complete Solicitations For June

We've got the Avatar Press solicitations for June and they kick off with three different trades: Crossed: Badlands 9, Stitched 3 and Dicks 2 From there the Patient Zero story continues in Crossed: Badlands, new issues of God Is Dead, Uber and Caliban and we kick off an all new series - Dicks: End Of[...]

Avatar Plug of the Week – DICKS (Color) #10 by Garth Ennis and John McCrea

Your prayers are answered, the final issue of Dicks arrives today!  Holiday hijinks are one thing.  But when the Dicks get involved they turn a little merriment into the most offensive yuletide ever!  Nothing is sacred to these two Irishmen.  Garth Ennis and John McCrea open your presents early this year with “Yule Log in[...]

An Unkillable Emperor And An Unharmable Dan – Avatar In May

Hence the gator skull.Crossed: Badlands #5 Torture Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows) Let's keep moving forward with the Crossed motif.Crossed: Badlands #5 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows) If you're a fan of the post-apocalyptic zombie scenario, you really should be reading Crossed.  It's got a similar feel, as you can see below, but it's so far[...]

Chew Meets Mars Attacks

The writer of Chew, John Layman, and the artist in Dicks, John McCrea are working together on a new version of Mars Attacks from IDW, coming out in June.Both are known for creating absolutely outrageous atrocities poured upon their characters for maximum comic effect, and I have to say, it makes for a rather intriguing mix[...]

Avatar In April – Crossed And Ferals Cover Gallery

Human beings are not asphalt, people.Crossed: Badlands #4 Wraparound Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows) While most Crossed covers have the homicidal maniacs victorious, you've got to love when the tables are turned.Dicks #3 Regular Edition (Cover by John McCrea) Undead Uncle Shuggie rises again to menace Ivor and Dougie, two characters that Garth Ennis professes are his[...]

Dicks, Battle, Witches And Fury – Garth Ennis' Plan Of Action

Here's a few timecodes you might enjoy...07.47 – Garth says that he's about to start writing the third series of Dicks, the Irish sitcomic that knows no boundaries of offense with John Mcrea, published by Avatar Press.09.55 – He's planning a similar series to his Battlefields book for Dynamite, but for Avatar.41.51 - In the[...]