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Neil Gaiman Original Cover Artwork For #ComicWritersChallenge
With LA-based Mike Meyer, we were Twist & Shout Comics, and published a comic book called Dirtbag and a spin-off comic called The X-Flies Thirteen issues between them, it paid for a few trips to San Diego Comic-Con and friendships that have lasted a lifetime I mean it's not like I was any good or[...]
An Incredibly Self-Serving Speculator's Corner
Seven issues of a comic called Dirtbag, six issues of a comic called X-Flies They included a strip written by one Brendon Connelly, a cover by Mark Stafford, a story written and pencilled by Fabian Nicieza (inked by me) and the first appearance of Roger Langridge's Fred The Clown (then called Bill The Clown) I[...]
Swipe File: Doctor Who – The Doctor's Wife and Dirtbag
Looking like this. Now, in the mid nineties, I wrote, drew and published a comic book called Dirtbag, set on a junkyard asteroid Looking like this. It was very silly Not actually good or anything, but there are one or two ideas I may, and have, revisited since And Neil Gaiman? He, along with Bryan[...]