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Assassin's Creed: Origins
After all, its not like nude statues are uncommon in the world of ancient art, nor are they pornographic. The censorship has yet to evoke the normal art censorship debate, but I'm sure that will follow relatively soon. The Discovery Tour launched on February 20th and lets you just wander in the world Ubisoft so painstakingly recreated[...]
assassin's creed: origins
Xbox will be getting the biggest update with 5.5GB while steam will only be 2.6GB, all of which is set to update a lot of bug fixes as well as adding in the "Discovery Tour" that lets you browse the map as an explorer rather than a character in the game. The "Discovery Tour by Assassin's[...]
Assassin's Creed: Origins Discovery Tour Mode Releases February 20th
Ubisoft announced that Discovery Tour Mode will be heading to Assassin's Creed Originson February 20th, 2018 as a free update for all owners of the game on all platforms Additionally, a standalone version of the feature will be available exclusively on PC (through Steam and Uplay) for $19.99 USD. The mode itself is dedicated to teaching players[...]