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Superman's Top Ten Fights In The Comics
Now it's pretty obvious that if you are making a top ten list of Superman fights from the comics, the clash between the Kryptonian and Doomsday will top the list Can you think of the other 9 before watching the video? I was surprised by a few… and in one of them he literally tears[...]
Doomsday Turns Into Doomsdelay
Mattel began selling their "last" DC Universe Classics figure – an oversized Doomsday figure – on their Mattycollector site last Tuesday – for current subscribers of their Masters of the Universe line -and Wednesday for the rest of us. Doomsday was listed as available, in-stock, and when bought, the customer received an e-mail that the item was getting ready[...]
Superman's Editors Again Fail To Remove His Underwear
And like Superman/Wonder Woman #10 this week, in which Superman has been infected by Doomsday And not only has he increased in mass and sprouted bone growth around his body and face… but his trunks grew back again. And they don't even get burnt off. Although somehow by the end of the comic… they have gone, as[...]
Doomsday Planned To Appear In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Bleeding Cool sources who have been rather reliable in the past have told us that they have seen Batman V Superman designs for the character of Doomsday.In the comics, Doomsday was the creature who killed Superman, in an epic battle across all the Superman titled, culminating a battle composed entirely of splash pages drawn by[...]
When Doomsday Killed Superman, From A New 52 Perspective
We know Superman died at the hands of Doomsday in the New 52… but did it happen in exactly the same way as before? Doomsday #1 has a stab at answering it If that stab is by a blind man holding a spork Because you get the whole tale rather filtered… Look, we get another splash page[...]
DC Comics Further Allocates The Allocated 3D Covers
But at least you now know what you're getting. Think again. DC Comics have told retailers that for next week, they will get 93% of their prevous orders for Bane #1, 84% of their orders for Doomsday #1 and 90% of their orders for Parasite #1. Thankfully there are no further allocations on next week's Joker's Daughter (currently[...]
Our First Look At John Byrne's Doomsday Point One. From Last Year, (UPDATE)
Courtesy of JohnByrneSays on Twitter, a glimpse at some preview art John Byrne posted last year for the project finally revealed as Doomsday Point One. And another… Courtesy of JohnByrneSays on Twitter, a glimpse at some preview art John Byrne posted last year for the project finally revealed as Doomsday Point One. And[...]
SCOOP: John Byrne Returns To Doomsday
Originally published by Charlton in the seventies, then republished by Fantagraphics in the eighties, Doomsday + 1 was John Byrne's first "proper" comic book series, created with Joe Gill In which a South American country fires nuclear missiles against the USA and the USSR simultaneously, each of whom then retaliate against the other Three astronauts[...]
The Many Deaths Of Superman (Minor Spoilers)
Today's Action Comics #16 not only tells us that Superman did indeed die at the hands of Doomsday (and that it happened three years ago, two years into Superman's public existence), but it wallows in it A chance to mourn again as Superman is attacked extradimensionally in a number of different time zones – which[...]
Amazon UK Mini-Glitch: Ultimate Comics Doomsday HC
That Brits may be able to take advantage of. They are listing the complete hardcover compiling Ultimate Comics Doomsday, the Brian Bendis trilogy of Ultimate Enemy, Ultimate Mystery and Ultimate Doom, as if it just the Premiere HC edition of Ultimate Enemy With the price to match. But not the page count, 288, all in. For £14.99[...]