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Interior preview page from Action Comics Presents: Doomsday Special #1
And just like that, Doomsday – the ever-evolving killing machine whose claim to fame was offing the Man of Steel – woke up one day and decided to dabble in interior decoration With a gleaming throne of skulls, no less "Monster chic", I hope he's calling it Yes, folks, this coming Tuesday, DC's releasing "Action[...]
Batman Dark Nights: Metals Gets More Figures with McFarlane Toys
That means injecting himself with some of the Doomsday virus to become the one and only Devastator McFarlane Toys brings this beast to life with a nicely sculpted and massive figure While the figure does not come with any accessories he will feature an adjustable jaw which is awesome The next figure is the Dawnbreaker[...]
Independence Day: Bill Pullman's Speech Sold Film Title to Fox
I think it was gonna be Doomsday It's what Fox wanted, and it was a title that was typical of the time [for a] disaster movie They really wanted Independence Day, so we had to make the speech really good And then they cut it together, and a couple of nights later, Dean came to[...]
Doomsday Smashes with New Exclusive Iron Studios Statue
Doomsday is the monster that changed the world, he'll save on to kill a man of steel himself We all know the story that he didn't just die but more super sleeps, but he did do the one thing that no one thought was possible to take down Superman Doomsday is making his appearance with[...]
Doomsday Has Arrived with the New Storm Collectibles Figure
Doomsday is a beast everyone should fear It is the creature that was able to kill the Man of Steel himself, Superman Storm Collectibles is bringing this creature alive yet again with their newest Injustice 2 figure it This figure will be 1/12 scale and will come in at a whopping 10 inches tall He is completely[...]
"Krypton" S02, Ep02: "Ghost in the Fire" Looks Pretty Fierce (PREVIEW)
He erased Superman in the future, and has been terraforming conquered worlds to host Kyyptonian life. He also wants someone, anyone, to track down Doomsday, since the rampaging monster would be an invaluable asset in conquering the hell out of the universe (I think Doomsday might be the Ghost this episode's title alludes to) Val-El (Ian McElhinney)[...]
What's Happening With Doomsday Clock Hardcover?
The hardcover collection of Doomsday Clock, the unauthorized sequel to Watchmen by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, is due for November It is even possible the three remaining issues of the series will be published before then. But it seems that the existence of the volume in question is currently in an undeterminable state. For example, the Amazon[...]
'Krypton' Season 2 Cast & Crew Take Viewers Behind the Scenes [PREVIEW]
As in previous images and video, the behind-the-scenes video pits Krypton's heroes against a host of villains, including Brainiac (returning from season 1), General Zod (moving from anti-hero in season 1 to full-on villain in season 2), Doomsday (who was released at the end of season 1), and the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo (new to[...]
Krypton Season 1 Recap
The Commander explains that the key to stopping Brainiac lies within, a creature known as Doomsday Adam and Lyta reach Seg at the vault Lyta battles The Commander, who reveals himself as her son from the future, Dru-Zod — known in the Superman mythos as General Zod. Realizing that Zod is Superman's greatest enemy who has[...]
Krypton Season 1: What Do We Think About Brainiac?
Zod has always been willing to take lives to meet his goals, and he would've been more than happy to release the monster, Doomsday, in an effort to save the city, regardless of who he hurt The side effect of saving Kandor is preventing the destruction of Krypton and making it so Kal-El is never[...]
Other cameos from the DC world in the first season of the show is Doomsday … we have a few Death of Superman panels blown up in the writers room. (Dan Jurgens: I like that!) Brainiac is done for the first time in live action We're happy with the way it came out. Welsh went on to say that[...]
Darkseid vs doomsday
The Dreadlord of Apokolips himself, Darkseid, and the unstoppable killing machine Doomsday. It's a pretty interesting matchup in that the two are very different styles of fighters Darkseid can get down and dirty with some fisticuffs, but tends to be a more intellectual fighters using his overwhelming strength, mental powers, and the Omega Beam to defeat[...]
Batman the Devastator #1 cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson
With nothing left to lose, Batman injects himself with a special strain of the Doomsday virus, finally bringing down the Man of Tomorrow. On our Earth, he is tasked with retrieving the Cosmic Tuning Fork of the Anti-Monitor When he is done, he goes to Metropolis to meet with the Lois Lane of our world. Batman the[...]
doomsday statue
Doomsday gets a bad rap As a life-long Superman fan, I have always appreciated the being who killed Superman Since that fateful year of 1993, every time the big lug makes an appearance, I get excited Personally, I feel like he is DC's Juggernaut He never stops coming, and that will never not be interesting[...]
Maybe The Real Villain Of Doomsday Clock IS Superboy-Prime
CBR published a very interesting theory on the notion that the real big bad of Doomsday Clock, the new 4-issue event from Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson coming November that promises to be the resolution of the DC/Watchmen/Rebirth mystery, may in fact be Superboy-Prime. It's a great article, with a ton of fantastic points[...]
Could Our New, Hopeful Superman Be Sacrificed To Watchmen And The Doomsday Clock?
As "The Button" crossover comes to a close in FLASH #22 this Wednesday, the four page epilogue affirms the mystery will continue with DOOMSDAY CLOCK from Johns and legendary artists Gary Frank and Brad Anderson. "It's time Last year, the DC Universe confronted the legacy of Watchmen in Rebirth the way Watchmen confronted the legacy of[...]
BvS Doomsday Almost Actually Looked Like Doomsday
Anyone who has seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the incredibly long, clunky titled last major instalment in the DC connected film universe (Suicide Squad didn't really further the connected universe much, let's be honest), featured what was essentially Doomsday in the film…though drastically different from the comics. Because after all, this Doomsday was made[...]
Who Are The Scariest Monsters In The DC Universe?
Doomsday is almost unstoppable, killed Superman and seems to just want to destroy everything in his path… that to me a scarier. I have a hard time with Etrigan the Demon and Swamp Thing being on the list as they basically have good intent I'm sure they're monsters to the people they are going after, but[...]
The Ultimate Killing Machine – BvS 101: Doomsday
In the final BvS 101 to go with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jason Inman takes a look at Doomsday Originally created back in 1992 to kill the Man of Steel, the backstory of the character didn't come until much later But his backstory makes him a bit more sympathetic and what was called[...]
Batman's Body Count From BvS
In this supercut we see all of the kills that take place first in the car chase scene and then later when he's off rescuing Martha Kent. And no one seems upset that Superman killed Doomsday… just saying. [youtube][/youtube] So, the big thing out of Man of Steel was that Superman killed General Zod[...]