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Marvel's 'New Warriors' Series Not Moving Forward At Freeform
The series is about the entry into adulthood when you feel like you can do everything and nothing at once – except in this world, bad guys can be as terrifying as bad dates. One of the highlights of the series for many fans was the involvement of Squirrel Girl (aka Doreen Green) in the series[...]
Squirrel Girl Is Coming To TV And Dragging The New Warriors With Her
YES! Finally Doreen Green is making it to the small screen! Ahem, so this is a totally professional, unbiased, report on the fact that Squirrel Girl will have her own live action TV show OK, so it'll be shared with the New Warriors (whatever) but we all see where this is going The Freeform cable[...]
The Woman Who Inspired Squirrel Girl
Kitty Pryde was a art student John Byrne once knew, Al Simmons was a good friend of Todd McFarlane and Peter Gyrich was a Marvel employee… Well, Doreen Greeley, manager and long-time employee at a New England Comics store is, apparently, the basis for the character Squirrel Girl, who has just started her new ongoing series from Marvel. And whose secret identity is[...]