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Before They Were Gods: Hollyoaks Ricky Whittle: Shadow Dancer

Before They Were 'Gods': 'Hollyoaks' Ricky Whittle: Shadow Dancer

Our friends across the bathtub from us have had the honor of knowing him from his 2006-2011 run as Calvin Valentine on long-running soap opera Hollyoaks; and as Ryan Naysmith on British football drama series Dream Team.But did you know that Whittle's most challenging rile would be...Ricky Whittle, Glitterball Champion?Okay...here's the backstory: In August 2009, when[...]

Alan Moore Hitler And God Though Their Friendship May Seem Odd&#8230

"Alan Moore, Hitler And God, Though Their Friendship May Seem Odd"…

So I thought we could all be in a kids' TV cartoon series called The Dream Team I even wrote the theme song" And now given a backing track and visual for YouTube...[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkE7D9eHD0Q[/youtube] Taken from Alan Moore's evening at the Prince Charles Theatre with Lance Parkin which you can see here and hear here... "I've always said[...]