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How Mike Costa Made Me The Man I Am – Jai Nitz On Hellina
I wrote the award-winning Dream Thief at Dark Horse Comics, and co-created El Diablo at DC Comics I'm writing Hellina with the incredibly talented Gabriel Andrade handling the art And thanks to your Kickstarter support, we're guaranteed three issues. The better news? I'm going to be writing several new projects for Boundless Comics Announcements for them[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Dream Thief's Jai Nitz
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode79.mp3] After last week's chat with Greg Rucka (which you can still listen to here), this time I catch up with Jai Nitz (Green Hornet, Paper Museum, El Diablo) who wrote my favorite mini-series of last year, Dream Thief, which has just been released in trade this week from Dark Horse Comics. Jai & I[...]
Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Darkness, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX, Kiss Me Satan, Buzzkill, Harbinger, Bounce, BPRD, X-Men Legacy, Conan, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Morbius, Savage Wolverine, Savage Dragon, Zero, Peter Panzerfaust, Morning Glories And Dream Thief
Peter Panzerfaust can cope with many things but please don;t let it join the cannibal ranks… What they need in Morning Glories is a Dream Thief Say, can you delve into my dreams and find what my favourite band was when I was nine? Oh dear Don't worry, I discovered The Jam shortly afterwards. Comics courtesy of Orbital[...]
Self Swipe File: Kevin Nowlan's Dream Thief And Wolverine
Dream Thief #3, cover by Kevin Nowlan, from 2013 And from Wolverine #12 from 1989 also from Kevin Nowlan 24 years earlier…   Dream Thief #3, cover by Kevin Nowlan, from 2013 And from Wolverine #12 from 1989 also from Kevin Nowlan 24 years earlier…   Dream Thief #3, cover by Kevin Nowlan, from[...]
The Crazy Amorality Of Dream Thief
Hannah Means-Shannon writes; The promo from Dark Horse for Dream Thief #1 warn you that "spirits of the vengeful dead" are going to "possess" John Lincoln and turn his life into a nightmare, so there's plenty of mental preparation provided for the darker side of this new series written by Jai Nitz (Heaven's Devils, Green[...]
Dream Thief #1 And Dream Merchant #1, Both Out Today
Dream Thief and Dream Merchant Is the only difference that one sells dreams and the other steals them? Obviously not, but some similarities do stick out. Both books are heavily narrated by the main character – both of which seem to have very little idea what is going on During the first issue, we get an[...]
Welcome To Kansas – Dream Thief Hits Hastings
Next week sees the debut release of Dream Thief by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood from Dark Horse And also Dream Merchant from Image Comics But more of that later. That said, Hastings has taken an interest in Dream Thief.  They're doing an exclusive variant cover by Smallwood and the creative team are touring five branches[...]