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Marvel's Runaways Reborn As Hulu Series

Peter Sollet was said to be directing and by 2010, the script was in the hands of No Heroics creator Drew Pearce.Following the success of The Avengers, Runaways lost its slot on Marvel's development slate Pearce went on to write Iron Man 3.While fans of the series championed a film, many felt it was better[...]

Drew Pearce Respects The Queen In The All Hail The King Commentary

In the video below we get to see part of the commentary from director Drew Pearce as he worked on All Hail The King with Sir Ben Kingsley and how being British and respecting the monarchy helped him through his nerves of doing this short.[youtube]https://youtu.be/_XDwSUNlLcQ[/youtube] With the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Collection, we[...]

Why The Sony Spider-Man News Is Bad For Marvel Movie Fans

And so on...But what now the Runaways movie written by Iron Man 3's Drew Pearce? Instead we'll have the spooneristic Kraven's Hunt... The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie wasn't that bad Not as good as the first one, certainly better than The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 But it's true, it was no Guardians Of[...]

First Clip From Marvel's Mandarin Movie All Hail The King Has Arrived‏

Marvel have unveiled the first moments of All Hail The King, Drew Pearce's Marvel One Shot centred on Ben Kingsley's character from Iron Man 3 The full film will be released as a bonus on the Blu-ray version of Thor: The Dark World.While there's no embeddable version, you can see the clip at EW.I don't[...]

Christopher McQuarrie Accepts His Mission: Impossible For Fifth Film In Series – UPDATED

Original story follows his Tweet, MISSION ACCEPTED! It's OFFICIAL! @ChrisMcquarrie is the director of #MissionImpossible 5! #TeamTC pic.twitter.com/MoKnb6CQhB— TomCruise.com (@TomCruise) August 5, 2013 Christopher McQuarrie's involvement in Mission: Impossible 5 has been rumoured for quite a while now and as far as we are aware he's been working on the script with Drew Pearce for some time[...]

Iron Man 3's DVD And Blu-Ray Supplements Revealed – Exclusive Thor Sneak Included

for now.Here's the list of DVD Bonus bits:Deconstructing The Scene: Attack On Air Force One Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look – Marvel’s Thor: The Dark WorldWhich is a start, sure, but the Blu-ray Bonus section is bigger, longer, and HD:Deconstructing The Scene: Attack On Air Force One Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Look – Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Marvel’s Iron Man 3[...]

Tom Cruise Bails On Man From UNCLE Film To Focus On Mission: Impossible 5.

No Heroics and Iron Man 3's Drew Pearce has recently committed to write that one, with Way of the Gun and Jack Reacher's Christopher McQuarrie in line to direct.Who could Warner Bros possibly secure that has the star power to justify - in their mind at least - the budget for this film? The only[...]

Iron Man 3 And No Heroics Writer Drew Pearce To Script Mission: Impossible 5

When Shane Black was hired to direct Iron Man 3, I kept bumping into a common assumption that he was that he was going to write it himself because, frankly, "what help does Shane Black need on that front?"As it happens, Black was paired with Drew Pearce, the British scriptwriter of No Heroics, at that[...]

Discussing Iron Man 3 With Its Screenwriter, Drew Pearce

When I sat down to speak with Bleeding Cool favourite and Iron Man 3 co-writer Drew Pearce last week, our conversation had three clear phases We started with Pearce and I just chatting a little - though that'd probably be far too boring for anybody else to read We ended with some talk about Pearce's other[...]

Iron Man 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review

Drew Pearce hasn’t written a conventional superhero movie at all While there are some heroics in it, there’s a lot more besides.Iron Man 3 is a big armour-plated piñata and when you smash it open, a great comedy, a cracking buddy action movie, and a heartwarming Christmas slusher all come tumbling out[...]

Iron Man 3 Bleeding Cool Podcast Special

And expect this to be pretty conversational.[display_podcast]Come back tomorrow for interviews with Shane Black, the director, and Drew Pearce, his co-writer.Iron Man 3 will be in UK cinemas from Thursday April 25th The US will get their crack from Friday May 3rd.The chief Bleeding Cool review of Iron Man 3 can be read elsewhere[...]

Godzilla Getting Another Quick Rewrite From Frank Darabont

The last we heard, Drew Pearce was doing a rewrite of Max Borenstein's script to "age up" the characters but also, Bleeding Cool understands, to do a bit of light maintenance work, nipping here and tucking there.Now, and we don't know if Pearce's clock ran out or if Warner Bros just fancied a slight change[...]

Godzilla First Look – One Solitary Image From The Comic-Con Footage – REMOVED

The script has recently had a rewrite by Drew Pearce and we'll likely start hearing about casting any minute now... Monsters director Gareth Edwards is still in pre-production on his do-over of Godzilla but a rather striking trailer premiered at Comic-Con in the summer, comprised of specially created material.We were told at the time that[...]

First Footage From Iron Man 3

As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man? All of this adds up to Pepper Potts: Damsel in Distress, though I expect Drew Pearce and Shane Black won't just let her be another[...]