Why The Sony Spider-Man News Is Bad For Marvel Movie Fans

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie wasn't that bad. Not as good as the first one, certainly better than The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2. But it's true, it was no Guardians Of The Galaxy.

But there's no guarantee a new Sony/Marvel Spider-Man movie will be as good as Guardians Of The Galaxy either. And this is the thing.

If Marvel Studios had control of the Spider-Man film franchise, there may well not have been a Guardians Of The Galaxy. Hell, there may not have even been an Iron Man movie. And if they'd had control of the X-Men franchise, currently controlled by Fox, there would have been no Avengers films.

Right now, Marvel are pushing back their slate of films to accommodate the Spider-Man films. Now, let's be clear, Spider-Man related films would have happened whether or not Marvel Studios were involved. Sinister Six, Venom and Amazing Spider-Man 3 were already being lined up. It's just now that Marvel Studios will be making them as well as their other films, the movie goer will get less Marvel character films to watch.

Maybe the films they'll get will be better than they ones they'd have had. Maybe not. But it means that other proposed movies may well be scrapped to make way for the Spider-Man films, which would have been made elsewhere anyway.

Of course you might want a break. There are four movies out this year based on Marvel comics (Kingsman, Ant-Man, Avengers and Fantastic Four) and five next year (Deadpool, Captain America, X-Men, Gambit, Doctor Strange). But without the change there would have been Sinister Six as well. And five the year after that (Wolverine 3, Guardians 2, Fantastic Four 2, Thor 3 and the new Spider-Man film). But without the new deal… there would have been six, probably with a Sony Venom film instead and Black Panther not being bumped. And so on…

But what now the Runaways movie written by Iron Man 3's Drew Pearce? Instead we'll have the spooneristic Kraven's Hunt

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