Catching Up With the Folks From DropMix at PAX East

During our visit to PAX East last week, we got to check in with a few people here and there that we've chatted with before. One of those groups was the team behind DropMix, as they had a few things to pass out and show us. First off, we got these two convention exclusive cards you see […]

Adding A Few More Beats As Dropmix Makes Two More Expansions

A few weeks ago we got the latest expansion packs from Dropmix, the card-based DJ game that allows you to compete with and against your friends in a battle to make the best mixes possible using samples of popular songs. The two latest additions that came to our door were specific sets with Pop and Hip-Hop […]

Game gift guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Which Games Should You Buy The Gamers In Your Life?

Since gamers are something like their own breed of human, we've got a list of all of the many games you can choose from to gift your gamers with. A lot of serious gamers will already have a number of the major titles already this year, so we've included some of our favorite lesser-known games […]

Adding Your Favorites To 'Dropmix' As We Review The Expansions

Recently we had a chance to review the awesome battling DJ game Dropmix, and while the game does have a couple of flaws, overall it was an awesome title that we think would be a blast at parties. Because the game's music selection can get repetitive after say 50 hours of gameplay, sometimes you need to […]

Several Layoffs At Harmonix Following The Release Of 'Dropmix'

A rather disappointing bit of news this weekend as it appears Harmonix has decided to clean house this week. According to Gamasutra, 14 people have been laid off from the company following the release of Dropmix in an effort to "reduce our overhead and align our business with our current development slate." Here's a snippet […]

Battling Like A Pair Of Rad DJ's! We Review 'Dropmix'

One of the highlights of my visit at E3 this past June was checking out the game Dropmix. This is a joint project between Harmonix (who you may know best as the minds behind the Rock Band series) and Hasbro as the publisher. The game is set to be released on September 24th, but before […]

'Dropmix' Is Basically Making You A Fighting DJ

Hasbro and Harmonix had a little something special to show off at E3 this year in Dropmix, which kind of made me excited to get back into deck building games while still being a music fan. The game is a combination of a five-card board along with a deck of cards, each of them containing […]