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The Complete First Chapter Of Grumpy Cat Vol 3: Grumpus

Dynamite has sent over the full first chapter from their new Grumpy Cat Vol. 3: Grumpus hardcover collection that comes out this week to local comic shops. It features a multiple stories from a variety of writers and artists like: Ben McCool, Elliot Serrano, Royal McGraw, Ben Fisher, Steven Uy, Ken Haeser and Derek Fridolfs. […]

Writer's Commentary – Elliott Serrano Talks Army Of Darkness: Election Special

A Writer's Commentary: Elliott Serrano talks the Army of Darkness: Election Special one-shot, now on sale from Dynamite. Cover by Elliot Fernandez and interiors by Diego Galindo. Page One Hey everyone! Elliott Serrano, former series writer for "Army of Darkness", here with a writer's commentary for the "Army of Darkness: Election Special." I had a lot […]

Ash Williams Runs For President… His Boomstick Might Stop The Gridlock

Is there a literary category for Political Horror? I mean besides the current election? If not, this may be the first entry. Elliott Serrano talks Army of Darkness: Ash for President one-shot, on sale in August from Dynamite. Cover by Elliot Fernandez. BYRON BREWER: Elliott, Ash has done some wild things in his film and comic […]

Elliott Serrano Talks Putting Ash Williams With Barrack Obama

There is a big push right now for anything Evil Dead or Army of Darkness. Being that we are heading towards Halloween this weekend and Ash vs Evil Dead premieres on Starz as well, it makes sense. Heck, both Humble Bundle and comiXology are featuring Army of Darkness from Dynamite Entertainment as we speak. To […]

Dynamite Hits The Way Back Machine With Army Of Darkness #1992.1

As part of its 10th Anniversary, Dynamite Entertainment is doing a special issue of Army of Darkness issue numbered 1992.1 commemorating the year the movie was released. It will be a commemorative square-bound edition, featuring short stories of demon-hunting hero Ash Williams written by the likes of Steve Niles, Elliott Serrano, Cullen Bunn, James Kuhoric, and […]

Crisis On Infinite Ashes – Elliott Serrano Talks Army Of Darkness

In his first Army of Darkness storyline, Elliott Serrano introduced us to Ashley K. Williams, the female alternate reality Ash. With The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen, he gets to go back to his female anti-hero and the hell-scape where all the various Ashes meet. Jai Nitz caught up with Serrano to talk […]

Army Of Darkness #2 – A Writer's Commentary With Elliot Serrano

Elliot Serrano writes; Hello everybody! (Imagine Dr. Nick of "The Simpsons" saying that.) Welcome back for another round of writer's commentary for the latest issue of Army of Darkness from Dynamite Entertainment. As the writer of AoD, I was anxious to see what kind of feedback I'd get, and everything I've received so far on […]