Preview: Tim Daniel's Enormous 9 And 10 Go Big

By Octavio KarbankIf you’re not reading Tim Daniel’s Enormous, then go to your local comic book store and pick it up! Already through the first arc, and well into the second, issues 9 and 10 are right around the corner! Here’s some preview art of the upcoming issues to whet your appetite! Octavio[...]

Talking To Tim Daniel About Enormous And The Monsters Within

By Octavio KarbankOK: You’re currently writing Enormous Let’s talk about that.Tim Daniel: Enormous started a year and a half ago Originally, we published a 64-page one-shot in 2012 The idea was originally conceived as something a little more sprawling The one-shot forced us to cover a lot of ground really quickly, i.e[...]

Cover Stories: Enormous Variant For NYCC Is All Heart…

Here's Larry Docherty of Larry's Comics variant, or "Lariant" (hilariant!) for the new issue of Enormous from 215 Ink, hitting NYCC in.. ooh, five weeks time? Already? Blimey...  Here's Larry Docherty of Larry's Comics variant, or "Lariant" (hilariant!) for the new issue of Enormous from 215 Ink, hitting NYCC in.. ooh, five weeks time? Already?[...]

Enormous Comic To Be Adapted As A Television Event Series

Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox Television and New Regency Television are working on a new event series based on the 215 Ink comic book Enormous Created by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour, Enormous is about Humans trying to survive in a world that was already struggling from a planetary resource crisis when an ecological[...]

Enormous Being Snapped Up On eBay After Fox TV Deal Announced

Enormous is already a big hit on the comic book aftermarket.But now it's going to be an enormous one.Fox Television Studios and New Regency Television are adapting the comic book series by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour published first by Image Comics and then 215 Ink. Set in the near future, the comic book series finds[...]

NYCC: The Hard To Get Variants For Wytches, Enormous And Spread

Wytches New York Comic Con variant is limited to 500 copies.Another extremely popular variant, Enormous #1, which was limited to 250 copies, also sold out quickly Unlike other stands, 215Ink, the publisher of Enormous, were selling all of their variants for 2 for $5 215Ink was also selling every issue of Enormous for the price[...]

Speculation Corner: Enormous Is Looking Enormous

Enormous was an enormous comic from Image.It left.It is now being published by the far smaller publisher 215 Ink The demand for it however, hasn't dropped, even though retailers reduced their order dramatically or the new series.You know what happens next, right?The original Image once shot sells for $8 on eBay.The new 215 Ink issue, just[...]

Pop Culture Hounding Tim Daniel Over Enormous

by Chris Thompson[audio:http://popculturehound.net/podpress_trac/web/3458/0/PCHPodcastEpisode93.mp3]Following on from last week’s episode with Sina Grace & Daniel Freedman (which you can still listen to here), this time around I’m back with Tim Daniel, who recently appeared on the show with Jeremy Holt.Tim & I discuss the route he took breaking into comics, how design (and designers) have become a more focal[...]

Enormous, From Graphic Novel To Film To Ongoing Series

Enormous, the Image Comics graphic novel, by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour, exploring a future world populated by massive creatures, was transformed into a short film/pilot from Machinima, from director BenDavid Grabinski, writer Andre Ovredal and producer Adrian Askarie.And now the story is continuing in comic book form in June.The one-shot from Shadowline/Image Comics was[...]